Music Activities and Arts Integration Lessons
- connecting music to reading, math and science -

If you're interested in connecting music to other areas of the curriculum, this page is for you!  It contains links to my arts integration resources, multimedia activities, and homemade instrument projects. To see my latest videos, please check out my video page!

Language Arts


Inference Riddles Aztec Drum Rhythms

Peter and the Wolf Introduction

Drum Language of the Congo

Morse Code Music

Drum Language in Ghanaian Schools

Cucumber Pickle Machine


Sequencing with Simon

Math and Science

Picture Puzzle Prediction

Unifix Cube Drum Machine 

  Playing Fraction Pies

Homemade Instruments

Hearing Fractions (harmonic series) 

Counting Music
Melodic Tube Drums

Pattern Block Rock


Musical Fraction Bars

Tubular Glockenspiel

Science of Sound Activities
Water Bottle Xylophone

Tone Synthesizer (frequency and pitch)
Musical Fraction Tubes

Hearing Subtraction (frequency and beats)

Thunderstorm Stopwatch
    Origami Popper


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